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Hunan shanghaiyijia machinery(Pump industry)Manufacturing co., LTDIs a concentration of research and development of industrial pump、Design、Production、The sale in a body,Focus is committed to improve efficiency of pumping fluid machinery and related system,Headquarters is located in hunan province xiangyin hunan industrial park。In the company1998Years,In the original JiXieTing and chemical hall double the jurisdiction of the state-owned water pump factory、Mine machinery factory and the restructuring on the basis of chemical machinery factory、Restructuring。2012In pump industry as a whole; move to yueyang XiangYin long xiang industrial park of the construction of the new industrial pump production base。Base construction layout is reasonable,Form a complete set of equipment is complete,Sound detection control system,Professional research and development productionCCBType of eat hutch garbage pump,LCVertical long axis pump,LDTNType vertical condensate pump,XBD/XBC-LCThe long axis of fire pump,XBD/LJ-LCElectric pilot shaft deep well fire pump unit,JLSIn the open pump,TSDouble suction pump, etc,To make China strong pump industry enterprises laid a solid material foundation。

Pump industry; adhering to“Serve the society,The good faith and win-win”The management idea,Continuously improve enterprise own quality;Across the country established a wide sales and service network,To provide customers with the most timely、Satisfactory services;Companies with high quality products、Considerate service won the praise of customers,Products are exported to all parts of the country。With the flexible management mechanism and constant innovation。Vertical pump industry has embarked on a track of steady development,To build China pump industry thriving enterprise took a cross-cutting step。... 

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AboutJLDTNType vertical multistage condensate pump is introduced

300JLDTN-200Type vertical multistage barrel bag condensation pump is my company design of high efficiency and energy saving type vertical multistage condensate pump products,With high efficiency、Cavitation performance is good、Advanced structure、And other significant characteristics of long service life and easy installation and maintenance。Suitable for conveying power plant water and other liquid is similar to the occurrence volume of condensation water。


Good after-sales department runs regularly visit base,Check the running status of pump

  In order to improve customer satisfaction and ensure production; pump can run more lasting,After-sales department; visit customers regularly run base,To check the running status of pump,In the actual operation and customer to discuss matters。


State control has good quality“The wind””

   His name is Ye Zhiji,Their hometown in guangdong,Hunan's son-in-law,立The wind都亲切The ground称呼他为阿基。 Before you know it,Aquino has made good work there7Years。 And made the fate of beautiful is very special。A few years ago,Set the hu during a tour of beautiful supplier factories,Know was still working in that supplier base,阿基工作认The true,The professional knowledge,Person and kind patience,All of these give hu left a deep impression。 Later on,阿基要换工作,Hu will invite aquino to hunan work better,This is seven years。What is more beautiful,


Machinery for the national electric power system; foster pump after-sales service talents

   Hunan machinery; to strengthen after-sales service,Arranged for professionals participated in the national college of electric power investment group co., LTD., talent group of thermal power safety skills training course,And successfully passed the examination,Obtained the certificate,For the national power system, water pump after-sales service talents。


A surge in domestic orders,The new digital; administrator

  Due to excellent product quality and service,The order presented in the second half of this year; phenomenon。In order to meet customer order requirements,The new digital; administrator,The administrators are with many years of rich experience in pump experts,Believe their joining will bring; a more brilliant future。

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