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Company introduction
Tian Long machinery Tian Long machinery【The phone:13503333314】Is specialized in manufacturingHoistImprove factory house,Hebei excellenceElevator company,Equipment and vibrating screen points、The feeding equipment、And belt conveyor equipment research、Manufacturing and sales for the integration of enterprises。The company has a professional scientific and technological personnel and technical specialist,There are rich material resources and human resources。Company combined with field usage and customer require the use of computer aided design drawing,And according to the
For the selection of customer's demand,Provide effective design solution,To meet customer demand。
“High quality,Good prestige,The first-class service”Is the enterprise tenet of our company,Is the enterprise employees tireless pursuit!We also customized various non-standard series bucket elevator。A large number of professional service team,Tian Long machinery after years of efforts and development,Our success with a bucket elevator brand strength。
Bucket machine project
Hoisting machine is suitable for vertical conveying grinding cut larger powder、Material、And the big block of materials,Such as food、Coal、Cement、Broken ore, etc,Deliver the highest height40m,For the characteristic,Simple structure,Smooth operation,Tao take charge,Mixed or gravity discharge,Sprocket rim adopts combination,Easy to change,The chain through special processing long life,Lower the gravity automatic tensioning device,To maintain a constant tension,Avoid skid or take off the chain,At the same time when the hopper is inhibited,There is a certain let performance enough to effectively protect the moving parts,No more than the material temperature250 ℃。THType of pressJB3926——85《Vertical bucket elevator》Standard design and manufacture,Priority should be to choose。HLType bucket machine connected with the original sizeHLType
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THType of link chain bucket elevator is suitable for vertical conveying grinding cut larger powder、Material、And the big block of materials,Such as food、Coal、Cement、Broken ore, etc,...Detailed content
TDType bucket elevator product overview: TDType bucket elevatorJB3926-85《Vertical bucket elevator》Standard design and manufacture,...Detailed content
Plate chain bucket elevator is a new product developed by the introduction of advanced foreign technology,The main technical parameters meet the mechanical standards(JB3926-85)。Using the current loading...Detailed content
NEElevator product features:1.Good sealing,Ring gold less pollution。2.Operation、Easy maintenance、Less wearing parts。This type of hoist on the types of materials、Characteristics and...Detailed content
HLLink chain bucket elevator main characteristics: 1.Smooth operation、High transmission efficiency。 2.Hopper forms,Priority should be to choose。 ...Detailed content
DType hoist
DType bucket elevator product introduction Suitable for vertical conveying of powder、Granulated and small lump of grinding cut less material,Such as food...Detailed content
Technical data
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Applied to film
Screw conveyor installation site
...Detailed content
Screw conveyor installation site
...Detailed content
Elevator parts to film
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